On the Path to the Hotel Industry of the Future

Berlin (Germany), September 21, 2023 – Aspire Hotel GmbH, a respected hotel developer and operator headquartered in Berlin, is entering an exciting phase of growth and innovation. The Aspire Hotel Group has announced ambitious plans for the coming years, which include diversifying its hotel portfolio and opening a total of 20 premium hotels in the DACH region by 2027.

This ambitious course requires a redesign of hotel operations that focuses on next-level hotel operations, innovative technologies, and a clear sustainability strategy to create an entirely new guest experience.

Boutique Hotels – Inviting a “Second Home”

Under the established Aspire brand, the company plans to open ten boutique hotels in A, B, and C cities in the DACH region by 2027. These Aspire Boutique Hotels are designed to provide guests across Germany with a sense of a “second home.” With unique locations, lovingly designed accommodations, and an inviting atmosphere, these hotels offer a truly special ambiance. Additionally, innovative technologies will be implemented to elevate both the guest experience and operational efficiency to new heights.

Andreas Erben, Managing Director of Aspire Hotel GmbH, sums up the vision for these boutique hotels: “Our hotels aim to offer guests in the DACH region a second home today and in the future. We are confident that our commitment to excellent service and a warm atmosphere will contribute to creating unforgettable stays. Furthermore, digitization will help us sustainably reduce our costs.”

Franchise Hotels – Premium Accommodations in an Urban Setting

Aspire Hotel GmbH also plans to develop a comprehensive portfolio of franchise hotels in the metropolitan areas of the DACH region, with each hotel offering up to 400 rooms. By 2027, a total of ten new franchise hotels in prime city center locations will expand the portfolio. These hotels will distinguish themselves through an impressive array of amenities and tailored services aimed at fully meeting the needs of both business travelers and vacationers.

The strategic diversification of the hotel portfolio underscores Aspire Hotel GmbH’s commitment to providing premium accommodations in various cities and regions. This expansion not only allows the company to further solidify its position as one of the leading players in the hotel industry but also places the diverse needs and expectations of guests at the forefront.

By implementing innovative technologies and next-level hotel operations, Aspire aims to elevate the guest experience to new heights. These modern approaches enable the customization of services to meet the individual needs of each guest while ensuring environmentally and socially responsible operations that align with ESG criteria.


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