Travel hacks for business travelers

If you stay only a few days at the place on a business trip, it is not worth packing a big suitcase. Hand luggage on the plane is allowed to be 22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm. Some airlines have their own regulations on this. It is best to find out in advance what dimensions apply to hand luggage with your airline. Choose a bag with a front compartment so you can keep your documents handy. Be careful with built-in USB chargers where the lithium battery cannot be removed. Some airlines do not allow them on board.

1st tip: Luggage

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Tip 2: What to bring?

When packing your bag, the key is to save space: Don’t fold your clothes. Pack them into rolls! This is not only more efficient but also prevents wrinkles. If you can’t pack enough clothes: Remember that everyday clothes can be purchased very cheaply in most countries. Refrain from designer logos to avoid attracting thieves. Pens, slips of paper, and plastic bags for toiletries (choose these preferably in travel size). Also, remember to pack a mask. Some changes in the country’s currency can be handy. If you often travel for business, keep a packed bag at home if possible.

Tip 3: When to book?

Book your trip as early as possible, preferably several weeks in advance. Always try to take the first train or flight of the day. If you book at the last minute, the trip will usually be more expensive. Also, early train connections and flights offer the highest chance of arriving at your destination on time.

Tip 4: How do I find my way around?

Download apps that will help you when you get there. If you have to go to a trade show, look for an app for that. This is because most organizers release extra apps for the exhibitions. You can use it to find your way around the site. It doesn’t hurt to know a few phrases in the local language in addition to English.

Tip 5: Food

Use supermarkets and delivery services on site instead of using the hotel’s room service. This can save you some money.

6th tip: Which hotel?

If possible, always check into the same hotel chain. Regular customers of a chain often enjoy numerous perks (for example, late checkout, discounts, upgrading the room). Also, check out the hotel’s social media presence before you travel. Some post a password there that customers can use to get numerous extras.

7th tip: After arrival

When you arrive at the destination, it’s good to have access to public transportation if a cab isn’t immediately available. You can download and print the bus and subway routes of major cities. You can also find them in many city guides and airline magazines. Download necessary documents to your phone and save a copy in a cloud. Have the documents you need ready when you land.

Tip 8: Tax refund

You probably won’t have time to claim back sales tax before you arrive at check-in. Instead, wait until you’re back from your business trip and use a sales tax refund service. If you photograph or scan all the business cards and information you took with you at the business show in your hotel room, you’ll save valuable space in your carry-on luggage.


Flexibel wo es hingeht?

Only about a ten-minute walk from the main train station, there are several attractions worth seeing and good restaurants and bars near the Aspire Hotel in Reutlingen. We reveal which ones in the following list of the top 10 sights and eateries in Reutlingen.

“A shopping experience in a class of its own” – that’s what you often read in the advertising of Outletcity Metzingen. But does this slogan live up to its promise? We think so and can unreservedly recommend visiting the outlet just outside Stuttgart.

If you stay only a few days at the place on a business trip, it is not worth packing a big suitcase. Hand luggage on the plane is allowed to be 22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm.

Reutlingen on the Swabian Alb belongs to the metropolitan region of Stuttgart and has about 114,000 inhabitants. This makes Reutlingen in the far northwest of Baden-Württemberg the ninth-largest city in the state. The beautiful half-timbered houses in the old town still bear witness to its former wealth as an imperial city.