Top Hotspots for Photography in Darmstadt & Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, and Darmstadt have many beautiful corners that photographers like to visit. But which are the most popular places for own photos in both cities? While some of the following locations are congruent with the most famous sights, others are suitable as photo hotspots because of their view and special location.

Mathildenhöhe is located in the northeast of Darmstadt. Also known as the “Artists’ Colony,” the buildings housed various exhibitions between 1901 and 1914 and had a striking effect due to their unique architecture. In particular, the Five Finger Tower, which houses a wedding room and is therefore also known as the Wedding Tower, is ideal for photos.

Mathildenhöhe World Cultural Heritage Site (Darmstadt)

Grube Prinz von Hessen (Darmstadt)

The Grube Prinz von Hessen is a former open pit mine in Darmstadt’s city forest. The pit, which is now filled with water, serves as a swimming lake and even has a small sandy beach and a sunbathing lawn. The landscape, as well as the spectacular fauna around the lake, make it a great photo hotspot.

State Theater

The State Theater Darmstadt offers visitors music and dance as well as plays and concerts. The special architecture of the theater is definitely worth a detour and a few photos. But the building itself is also well worth seeing: made of white concrete, the structure has a balcony that juts far out and a large glass front with door wings.

Darmstadt Technical University

Partly located in the old city palace, the Technical University also serves as a great photo backdrop. With their historic facades, the Maschinenhaus, which has been converted into a lecture hall, and the Old Main Building are real eye-catchers.

The lively Europaviertel (Darmstadt)

Located west of Darmstadt’s main train station and bordering Rheinstrasse to the south, the Europaviertel is centrally located in Darmstadt. The neighborhood is an interesting mix of old buildings and modernized apartments, rowhouses, and lively stores. On a photo stroll through the streets of the neighborhood, you’ll find some pretty corners as well as opportunities for shopping and lingering.

Porcelain Museum (Darmstadt)

The Darmstadt Porcelain Museum houses the Grand Ducal Hessian porcelain collection with more than 4,000 objects made of earthenware, faience, and porcelain. Anyone interested in art – especially the development of European ceramics – has come to the right place.

Schlossmuseum (Darmstadt)

Founded in 1924, the Schlossmuseum invites visitors to examine its centuries-old collection of paintings and sculptures. The 18 showrooms also house exceptional furniture, wall hangings, ceramics, clocks, and gold and silver work. (Hobby) photographers can expect a journey through time from the 16th to the early 20th century.

Römer and Römerberg (Frankfurt)

At the top of the list of Frankfurt’s photo hotspots is Römerberg. The location looks especially good at sunset – whether against the backdrop of Frankfurt’s city hall “Der Römer” or in front of the beautiful row of half-timbered houses.

Paulskirche (Frankfurt)

The Paulskirche is today an exhibition, memorial, and meeting place. The church is most famous because the first German parliament met in it. In addition, the national monument makes a very good backdrop for souvenir snapshots.

Frankfurt Skyline

Who doesn’t know it, the famous skyscraper skyline of Frankfurt? Conveniently, you can enjoy the view of the buildings of the banking district from the entire bank of the Main River. The best photos can be taken from one of the Main bridges. The eastern part of the Main Quay is also recommended – from the Eiserner Steg in the direction of the European Central Bank.

Frankfurt Old Town

Frankfurt’s Old Town was reconstructed only a few years ago, but it once again forms the city’s tourist center. Around the imperial cathedral of St. Bartholomew and with an idyllic location on the Main River, one historic building follows the next.

Frankfurter Zoo

After the Zoological Garden in Berlin, Frankfurt Zoo is the second oldest zoo in Germany. With its native and exotic animal species, the zoo is a great photo backdrop for animal lovers.

Mainkai (Frankfurt)

The Mainkai offers one beautiful photo motif after another. During a short walk along the river, great moments can be captured. A particularly beautiful view of the Frankfurt skyline you have from the southern bank (Sachsenhausen).

Frankfurt Museum Embankment

Near the Main, you will find a total of 26 museums on the Museumsufer. These include the Caricatura Museum of Comic Art and the German Film Institute and Museum. This promises a lot of material for photos!

Eiserner Steg (Frankfurt)

The steel pedestrian bridge is one of the city’s most popular photo hotspots, connecting the city center with Sachsenhausen across the river. The Eiserne Steg offers a great skyline panorama. In addition, the bridge is also a perfect photo location due to its countless colorful love locks.

Main Tower with observation deck (Frankfurt)

The blue Main Tower is a skyscraper located very close to the Commerzbank Tower. The grandiose observation deck on the 56th floor gives visitors a spectacular view of the city and offers impressive photo opportunities.

Städl Museum (Frankfurt)

As major German art museums, the Städl Museum and Städtische Galerie also provide extensive photo material. The collection includes more than 3,100 paintings. Anyone interested in medieval, modern, and contemporary art will be in good hands here.

Top Hotspots for Photography

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Frankfurt am Main, and Darmstadt have many beautiful corners that photographers like to visit. But which are the most popular places for own photos in both cities? While some of the following locations are congruent with the most famous sights, others are suitable as photo hotspots because of their view and special location.

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